The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 video game reveal a new teaser trailer that will tell more details about Peter Parker's story. Sony and Insomniac Games streamed the trailer during Paris Games Week, as the video highlights the game's combat system, fluid animation and graphics, and introducing more characters from the Spider-Man lore.

The new Spidey game will have the potential to surpass the "Batman: Arkham" game series from Rocksteady Studios due to its impressive gameplay and story.

The story so far

The new "Spider-Man" trailer revealed that gamers can assume the role of Peter Parker as he can explore areas and interact with normal civilians.

Peter in the game is contemplating whether he will continue his career as a superhero, or lead a normal life with Mary Jane Watson.

The trailer also revealed that Aunt May is working at Martin Li's homeless shelter along with Miles Morales. Peter's former arch-nemesis, Norman Osborn is being re-elected as New York city's mayor. Wilson Fisk is being arrested by the police as Martin Li begins his plans for taking over the city's criminal underworld.

Mary Jane can also be a playable character in the game, and her gameplay requires stealth and teamwork with Spidey. The Shocker is also added as a boss character and the game will launch on the PlayStation 4 console next year.

Creative Director Bryan Intihar told PlayStation Magazine UK that gamer will need to use "dynamic strategy" to combat Li's gang and fixing certain situations such as falling building debris, rescuing civilians, and car accidents.

Video game fans were able to see a glimpse of that during the E3 2017 gameplay trailer. Insomniac Games also confirmed that Peter can change into different Spidey costumes in the game.

Surpassing the 'Arkham' series

Marvel Games Vice President Mike Jones stated that the creation "Spider-Man" PS4 game was inspired by the "Batman Arkham" game series.

He told GameSpot in a previous interview that they aim to incorporate elements from the "Arkham" series and apply it to Spider-Man with an original gameplay style and compelling story.

Some of these elements from "Batman Arkham" include the use of stealth, gadgets, fast-paced combat, and open-world exploration. Rocksteady Studios has perfected the formula to make an impressive superhero video game, and Marvel and Insomniac Games looks to do the same thing with the web-slinger to garner the same success as the Dark Knight, or even surpass him.