PlayStation users have always relied on the PlayStation 4 itself to do most of their interactions with other players. The onboard software is capable enough to handle most of the user’s requirements when it comes to their account and PSN Store. Not a lot of gamers are aware that Sony actually has a Playstation App available for both the iOS and Android platforms. The original reportedly felt like a mixed bag when it came to its interface, wherein options were arranged confusingly that discouraged users from fully embracing the tool. Finally, the Japanese company decided to redesign their app and have it feature a more social media-friendly appeal.

PlayStation phone app revisited

At first glance, it is quite obvious that Sony took inspiration from Facebook and made the default interface similar to a news feed. The user’s activities along with their friends are showcased front and center when users launch the PlayStation app. Icons and profile pictures have a certain pop that immediately draws attention to where it matters. It makes it easier for the player to read notifications and smoothly access their Friends list.

The main screen is neatly arranged with five icons across the bottom. The middle button is the PlayStation icon and contains several other functions within the drawer. Starting from the left, the options are as follows, What’s New, Friends, Notifications, and User Profile.

It seems like everything has been streamlined to make it more accessible for users.

Some features were taken out with new elements announced

While there are improvements made to the software, Sony also discreetly removed two features from the PlayStation app. Gone is the option to watch streams via the Live From PlayStation function.

Additionally, the Second Screen function has also been taken out but made available as a separate app.

Another recent announcement from Sony reportedly surprised a lot of its users. Players who have religiously collected trophies for the games they have played now have a reason to keep earning even more. Other than bragging rights, PlayStation users who have completed games and hunted their trophies can now earn virtual currency to purchase games.

The breakdown provided by the company for each trophy is as follows:

  • One point for each Silver trophy
  • 10 points awarded or each Gold trophy
  • Platinum trophy holders reportedly get 100 points for each one

Unfortunately, the new Sony Rewards program for PlayStation gamers is limited to users in the United States only. Currently, there is no word if the company plans to extend the promotion to other territories. However, gamers should be happy to know that the company is exploring new approaches to engage their consumers.