Game developer Epic has announced a new Battle Royale update for popular shooter/builder “Fortnite.” It also added new features for the game like a new shop, a funny new item, and more. The shop has some useful items to purchase that can improve the survival rate of players.

The game developer also revealed that their video game has surpassed a new milestone. They also clarified that the figure was meant to be all versions, so it should cover the paid version and the free-to-play one.

New update details

Epic released a new update for their video game on Nov.

8. It added several new features that improved gameplay, and it also fixed several bugs. One of the added features was the bush consumable item.

Details on one-time consumable bush item

The Battle Royale bush allowed players to stay out of enemy sights, which was advantageous in a match. The legendary item can be consumed and can only be used one-time.

The bush can be destroyed if the character hiding inside it takes any amount of damage like from a storm. While the item is quite fragile, it is an item of the legendary level and can only be found in supply drops and chests.

Season shop inclusions

The “Fortnite Battle Royale patch added the new Season Shop. Players of the free-for-all version can purchase items here like outfits, gliders, and weapons.

For the Season 1 version, they can unlock several items at certain levels.

Level 5 can unlock the Glider: Aerial Assault One, while level 15 can unlock the Outfit: Aerial Assault Trooper. Level 20 can unlock another Outfit: Renegade Raider, and at level 35 it can unlock the Pickaxe: Raider’s Revenge.

Fixes and changes

The new update also fixed several crash issues that plagued the video game before it was implemented.

It also improved and balanced several weapons to make it fair for everyone. The controller feature was also improved like using the right thumbstick down to repair structures.

Performance of the game was improved with the new update. Shadow rendering was optimized to improve its overall performance. Foliage rendering was also improved that affected the CPU and GPU performance.

Game surpasses milestone

Epic also announced that “Fortnite” has surpassed a new player milestone. The game company tweeted that it has crossed the 20 million players. They clarified that it covered the paid base game and the free-to-play Battle Royale version.

The game company thanked all of their fans all over the world. They wanted the game community to keep up the good work, and they will also do the same to make the game awesome.

Check out this "Fortnite" video celebrating 20 million players here: