In the months leading up to its release, the Nintendo Switch was criticized by a large portion of gamers on the internet for its lacking game lineup at launch. A console that launched with a dozen Games was not offering much of a variety to justify its $299.99 price point. The list consisted of games already existing on other platforms and very basic, bare-boned exclusives with little substance. Its biggest selling point was "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" which also was released for the Wii U, giving owners of the previous console less incentive to go buy a Switch at launch.

Less than a year has passed and the console is in great shape. The amazingly designed hardware once perceived to be hollow is saved with a long lineup of software. It seems like fun never stops on the Nintendo Switch these days, thanks to the consistent release of brilliantly designed, addicting exclusives and eShop gems. The Nintendo and Wii sites have provided a lot of the information included in this article.

The game library is looking great

The console’s exclusive games have all been gratifying so far. Arguably the greatest Zelda game and Mario game of all time came out within seven months of each other. Besides those two masterpieces, there’s also "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe," the definitive version of the Wii U’s "Mario Kart 8," which is easily the best Mario Kart ever.

Online shooter lovers can play "Splatoon 2" online for free until the Nintendo Online service goes up, which even then is going for only $20 a year. "Ultimate Street Fighter II" for fighting game fans, "Snipperclips" for puzzle enthusiasts, "Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle" for those who crave turn-based combat, even motion-controlled boxing is an option with "ARMS." "Xenoblade Chronicles 2," a 100-hour RPG, launches this Friday and those are only the main staples.

The Switch didn’t take long to get an expansive library. New games became available in droves through the Nintendo eShop every week. In just nine months, the Nintendo Switch will have over 300 games on the market, just in time for the holidays. The echoed complaint of “there’s nothing to play on it” did not fade over time, they halted completely overnight.

December is not the end of the line either, many games have already been teased or announced for 2018 as well. "Yoshi," "Kirby," and even "Samus" are coming to the Switch next year with their own titles, to name a few.

Nintendo Switch has a promising future

As if Nintendo licensed games are not enough, Nintendo has done an impressive job at acquiring third-party support. In addition to the indies and arcade games, major games like "DOOM," "Skyrim," "L.A. Noire," and "Rocket League" are now available for purchase as well. Ports of dated games are given a fresh new start on the Switch with new features and the portability to play anywhere. "FIFA" and "NBA 2K" don’t require a TV anymore. "Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus," which released last month on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, will join the list next year.

The release date gaps for Nintendo Switch versions of previously released games are closing in and soon, popular AAA games will be playable on Switch virtually at the same time they will be on other platforms.

The Switch has delivered in such a short amount of time what many believed would take Nintendo a minimum of two years to accomplish. At this rate, selling over 1,000 games on the market is a possibility by the time the console celebrates its two-year anniversary. For those familiar with the company’s business practices in the last five years, this outcome and the success of the Nintendo Switch is shocking in the best way. All that was wrong with the Wii U cycle is being addressed and adjusted. Gamers whose experiences had been soured by the last gen's limited catalog can forget about the missteps. This is a new Nintendo.