The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" reveal new gameplay details for the third episode DLC story, "Episode Ignis." Square Enix announced that video game fans will have the chance to know more about Ignis' story in this week's Active Time Report and the game developers teased more surprises in store for the sequel next year.

Square Enix also streamed a new gameplay trailer for "Dissidia's" next playable character, Noctis Lucis Caelum. The Crown Prince will join the rest of the "Final Fantasy" heroes and villains in an epic showdown to save the world.

Next Active Time Report

Square Enix will stream this week's Active Time Report for "Final Fantasy XV" on Nov. 29 and the majority of the report will reveal more details about Episode Ignis. The third DLC story will feature Ignis' mission to rescue Noctis from the Niflheim Empire after his battle with Leviathan in Altissia.

Ravus Nox Fleuret will join Ignis on his mission to rescue his sister, Lunafreya, and lead them out of the city. Their tumultuous relationship will be explored in the story and Ignis will likely fight the sequel's main antagonist, Ardyn Izunia.

The third DLC will be more tactical in terms of gameplay as players must come up with quick strategies to take down enemies in one swift blow. Ignis can enhance his attacks by using magic and he can travel through buildings using a grappling hook.

Square Enix will launch Episode Ignis in "FFXV" on Dec. 19. The publisher will also announce new survey results, "Comrades" gameplay, and updates for next month.

Noctis in Dissidia

Square Enix streamed new gameplay for "Dissidia Final Fantasy" revealing "FFXV's" hero, Noctis as the latest playable fighter. The latter's gameplay is similar to "FFXV" as he can summon weapons using the power of the Lucis Kings.

Noctis can attack using different weapons -- from handguns and rifles to swords, spears, and daggers. Noctis can also use the Royal Arms to boost his attacks and Warp to teleport around the arena.

The Crown Prince will be added in "Dissidia's" arcade version on Dec 7 along with new gameplay updates and system improvements. He will also have alternate costumes as well.

Noctis will also be part of "Tekken 7's" growing roster. He is the third DLC guest character in the fighting franchise, and the Hammerhead truck station will be added as a new fighting arena.

PC users are also waiting for the official release date of "FFXV: Windows Edition" coming out next year.

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