The "Destiny 2" hype is up yet again as the teaser trailer for its first ever downloadable content - "Curse of Osiris" has been released at this year's Paris Games Week. The minute-long reel seemed to have hinted some tidbits on what to expect from the expansion including the next one. This came out of nowhere, though some fans may have been expecting this to happen.

Enter Osiris

Per the video, the "Destiny 2" fandom finally got a first glimpse of the "most notorious Vanguard in Guardian history." The mad Warlock's got some impressive moves as some of the fans noticed some hints of Hunter skills in him.

Also, it seems odd that Osiris is somewhat wielding a Dawnblade since he was known to be a Sunsinger. It is also worth noting the gauntlets that the Warlock is donning. The gear is comparable to the Nothing Manacles exotic, though the Vanguard's armored glove has this white glow on it.

Returning Exotics

Some exotics are likely to be making a comeback when "Curse of Osiris" drops. The exotic rifles - Jade Rabbit and Telesto - were spotted within the teaser.

A Coldheart-looking rifle was also seen in the trailer, though it may well seem that the weapon has this solar effect onto it.

Vex-themed weapons were teased as well and it is expected to be deemed as exotic weaponry.

Warmind hints

At the tail end of the teaser trailer, an image of "Destiny 2's" second DLC was also shown.

This provided a clue on what would its contents be as the guardian featured on the image donned an Iron Lords symbol on its shoulder armor. Additionally, the Guardian on the image looks like a female as some game buffs believe that this could be Ana Bray. This could mean that the next expansion after the "Curse of Osiris" might revolve around the Warmind.

Activision's Games Blog, on the other hand, also rolled out some hints about the DLC's contents. Alongside Mercury and its Infinite Forest, "Curse of Osiris" will usher in new strikes, missions, and even raid contents. The Lighthouse - that can only be unlocked by playing Trials of Osiris flawlessly in "Destiny" will be the new social space in the upcoming game segment. Bungie Community's DeeJ also took to Twitter to reveal the expansion's contents, though Activision's post was a bit detailed.

"Destiny 2's" "Curse of Osiris" is slated to be released on December 5, while the yet to be named second DLC will be out Spring of next year.

In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer here: