November 3 at 6 PM GMT, Blizzcon will kick off the 2017 opening ceremonies. The ceremony can be viewed live at the convention in Anaheim, California or through Blizzcon's official website and app. Before the ceremony kicks off the convention, there will be a series of pre-shows also streamed through Blizzcon's official website.

The opening ceremony will take place across three stages. Developers will present on the Mythic Stage, the Overwatch Arena, and the Hearthstone Tournament Stage. Each of these presentations will be broadcast throughout the convention center and online.

According to Mike Morhaime, Blizzard co-founder, “We’ve worked hard to make this our biggest and best BlizzCon yet, and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday," UK Express reported.

Attending Blizzcon

While the convention takes place yearly in Anaheim, Blizzard fans can also attend Blizzcon virtually. During past conventions, Blizzard has live streamed the event through Twitch. However, to live stream specific panels, which are likely to include detailed information on the opening ceremony announcements, fans need a virtual pass.

To watch the various eSports events happening during the convention, fans can use Blizzcon's website, Twitch, or the official MLG website. The games for this year include Blizzard's biggest titles, such as "Overwatch," "Hearthstone," and "Star Craft II." Each match will be live streamed using new technology to enhance the viewing experience.

Fans do not need a virtual pass to watch any of these events. However, fans with virtual passes will get an improved viewing experience and no third-party commercials.

Anticipated announcements

"World Of Warcraft" is expected to be the star of the opening ceremony. Rumors are circulating that a new expansion will be announced.

The alleged expansion is likely to be discussed more in detail during a panel later in the convention. Data mining has confirmed new content, and fans speculate that the expansion could include a pirate city and Jaina Proudmoore, a major character in The Alliance.

Blizzard has confirmed a Hearthstone expansion will be announced later today.

Details of the expansion are still unknown.

Fans have been guessing that Blizzard could be announcing news regarding "Overwatch" as well. Even since Doomfist's arrival, fans have speculated that Blizzcon may introduce a new character [VIDEO]. There may also be new maps for the popular game. This announcement could bring more attention to this year's Overwatch World Cup.