After several dossiers were teased in the past weeks, Studio Wildcard has finally provided a sneak peek of the much-awaited expansion of "ARK: Survival Evolved" dubbed as "Aberration." However, the developer had to break some frustrating news to the community about the DLC.

ARK at TwitchCon

Wildcard has put up a booth for their dino survival title at this year's TwitchCon, as Jen and Jat were present during the event. They even streamed a demo play version of the upcoming "Aberration" content to show what they have accomplished so far within the game segment.

Bogged down

However, when it came to the part where Jat was about to announce the DLC's release date, he broke the sad news that "Aberration" would be "delayed in some weeks." Jen, on the other hand, seemed to be excited prior to the announcement as if she is not aware of that the expansion will be bogged down.

Albeit that, they still managed to showcase what was in store for players in "ARK's" "Aberration." Most of the stream featured the upcoming creatures, its biomes, and the new items that can be harvested from the damaged ARK.

Juicy details

Jat revealed that the DLC would be having four biomes and even assured that they would be way different as compared to The Island.

The biome known as the Fertile Chamber was featured as it may well seem to be the safest biome among the four. Per the stream, it was said that this was the part of the DLC where the most foliage could be seen.

Gems will be one of the new resources that can be collected by players to craft "Aberration" items. Jat stated that there are three types of gems within the DLC and fans should be on the lookout for these when the expansion drops.

Jen, on the other hand, revealed that there will be "Aberration" variants of all the creatures where she showed an Aberrant Parasaur...that glows in the dark. Lantern Pets were also featured during the stream adding that there are four types of them in the DLC. These critters have a Charge feature which is essential for surviving the new ARK.

It is also advisable to have these luminescent beings while exploring the different biomes of the ARK. Otherwise, dark-loving horrors like the Nameless will make a good work on those players.

Rock Drake, were also showcased during the stream as they were revealed as the Reaper's natural predators. These gliding lizards got strong pounce and leaping abilities, not to mention that they can camouflage. Other items that were seen include the ladder, zip line, climbing pick, and the hazard suit alongside a glider.

Jat also announced that "Aberration" skins are now available on PC, while PS4 players will have it on Monday.

However, they are still waiting for the certification for Xbox. He added that "ARK's" Collector's Edition (without the game) is also available that contains the highly requested dossier book. Check out a video about "ARK: Survival Evolved" here: