In just over a month, Microsoft will launch the Xbox One X console but that did not hinder the company from continuously developing games for the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature. It seems a busy quarter for Microsoft but this week, they were able to release two more games for the BC feature mainly, "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" and "Sonic Adventure." Unfortunately for those who voted for "Fable," which is currently the most requested game, on the feature is still unavailable.

How the backwards compatibility feature flourishes

Microsoft releases Xbox 360 games upon the approval of the game developer.

Some developers opt out of the feature because of the amount of time and money needed to integrate their games for the Xbox One. Nevertheless, Microsoft encourages fans to vote for their favorite game in order to see, which games need to be updated.

According to Microsoft, one of the greatest setbacks when it comes to the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature is the process of licensing. Despite the issue of licensing, it nevertheless stopped Microsoft from producing some of the biggest titles on the backwards compatible list. Some of these games include "Red Dead Redemption," "The BioShock Trilogy," "The Mass Effect Trilogy," "Skate 3," "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2," and much more.

Xbox Games with Gold for October

Meanwhile, Xbox Live Gold members have new treats this October and they are free for download from October 16 - 31. According to the Daily Star, this month's Games With Gold include "Rayman 3 HD" and "Medal of Honor: Airborne." Interestingly, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to enjoy the "Street Fighter IV" on the Xbox One backwards compatibility feature.

In other news, Argos is still entertaining pre-orders for the Xbox One X one month prior to its launching. Argos video games manager James Cooke said: "With our last pre-order window selling out in two days, we expect high demand for the widely-anticipated Xbox One X." That said, Cooke is aware of the increasing demand and has advised eager players to check on for the latest update on their Xbox One X stock.

Gamestop, on the other hand, offers the Xbox One from $499.99 up to $799.99 depending on the edition type of the console. Currently, there is no game bundle offer for the console but it's too early to say whether retailers will continue to sell the platform as is and without an accompanying game.