Most of you have probably heard about WoW (World of Warcraft) video game made by Blizzard. As you may know, it is fantasy MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) where you create your character/avatar by selecting a Race And Class and, of course, leveling your avatar. But let's start at the beginning.

Draenei race

First to introduce you to a "Draenei" race. They had magnificent and magical civilization long, long, time ago on a distant world called Argus and there they called themselves Eredar. In all their might they, well most of them, become too arrogant and too hungry for more power, so they willingly joined forces with the bad guy Sargeras and his demonic army.

Only one tiny fraction remain uncorrupted, and they fled from their home world naming themselves Draenei which on their language mean exiled ones. Enough to say that majority of their corrupted brethren saw them as traitors who deserved to be tortured and twisted and finally destroyed with their souls trapped forever. In the worst hour of Draenei struggle, when all seemed grim, one fallen and forgotten warrior of light, find a way to overcome his madness and to learn a way of Shaman, the master of elements.

Shaman class

Like any other class in World of Warcraft, Shaman also has three specializations to choose. In this class, these are Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration. While most the of players prefer Elemental due to his caster nature, something like mobile heavy artillery, which electrocutes opponents from a distance.

Others prefer Restoration because of his survivability and high healing potential. A minority of players, including myself, prefer Enhancement.

It is not because of his healing potential or his caster nature, although he has healing and caster capabilities, or because it is better than others, it is because of Enhancement mobility and funny playstyle.

Imagine running toward the opponent in the form of a wolf, surprising him with your shocks - instant elemental powered spells, hitting him with your dual weapons charged with elemental energies, slowing him down with your one of your totems, while three other totems power up you in different ways.

Yes, it is all about high burst damage, quick thinking how to protect yourself, because the Enhancement Shaman has average or below average defensive capabilities, predicting your opponents next move and utilizing your mobility to the maximum.

And just when your opponent thinks he has upper hand you summon your two faithful servants (wolfs), distracting and attacking opponent giving you time to heal up and to finish him with your windfury procs.

Cool stuff about the Enhancement Shaman

Some pretty cool abilities that only the players of Enhancement Shaman can enjoy are:

  • Ghost Wolf, spell which enables you to move faster in the form of a wolf. Also if glyphed you will restore your health faster,
  • Windfury Weapon, a powerful weapon enchant that allows your Shaman to attack faster and making your attack stronger,
  • Feral Spirit, summons two wolfs that attacks your opponent and heals you at the same time.