Another new month has waltzed in with a whole new set of free video games that PlayStation console owners will be delighted with. Sony has released its line-up of free video games for PS Plus subscribers for various PlayStation console games, including a couple of huge game titles.

For members of PlayStation Plus, a new month is always something to look forward to because it always means a new set of freebies. Sony doesn’t disappoint avid gamers with its roster this month, ranging from popular video games to ones that deserve a shot.

PlayStation 4 games for free

Sony has lined up four free video games for the PlayStation 4 game console up for grabs and the list, which just went live, includesMetal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain." The game from Konami and Kojima Productions was one of the biggest games of the year when it was released. It is still one of the best “Metal Gear Solid” games as it boasts of a wide range of tactical and action-packed side missions that players can enjoy as well as a long list of missions for the main storyline.

The highly acclaimed survival horror, “Amnesia: Collection” has also been available for free for PS Plus members for PlayStation 4. The game by Frictional Games features a protagonist named Daniel who explores a dark castle and tries to keep his sanity intact as he encounters monsters and several other obstacles.

Aside from “Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain” and “Amnesia: Collection,” “Hue” and “Sky Force Anniversary” completes the roster of free PlayStation 4 games for the month of October. “Hue” is a puzzle game while “Sky Force Anniversary” is a scrolling shoot ‘em up game that curious players will surely enjoy trying out.

Free PlayStation 3 video games

PS Plus also offers free video games for PlayStation 3 as well as its newest console, PlayStation Vita. Sony has put up “Hustle Kings,” “Monster Jam Battlegrounds,” and the PlayStation 3 version of “Sky Force Anniversary” free to download just this month for registered members.

Sony and VooFoo Studios teamed up to create “Hustle Kings,” which is a pool (billiard) video game that offers a wide array of opportunities to try out trick shots and even venture into a virtual tournament.

For a wild adventure, take on “Monster Jam Battlegrounds” to virtually experience the dangerous motorsport.

PlayStation Vita free games

The PlayStation Vita, otherwise referred to as PS Vita or simply Vita, has been around for more than half a decade but there haven't been that many games available so Sony has been releasing remastered versions of old titles to keep up with the demand. This month, the PS Vita versions of “Hue” and “Sky Force Anniversary” have been made available for free for the PS Plus subscribers.