Digital Extremes released the hotfix 22.0.7 for “Warframe.” It brings several changes in the game, especially in the Plains of Eidolon. According to Digital Extremes, they will continue to polish the Plains of Eidolon as much as possible. The latest update also brings a lot of bug fixes in the focus school and several Warframes. Digital Extremes also brings crash fixes in the update, as well as inventory and UI improvements.

Plains of Eidolon changes

The hotfix 22.0.7 brings changes to the bounty rewards at Plains of Eidolon. The lower level rewards in the bounties will have lesser stance mods, while the higher level rewards will offer Kuva and Void Traces.

This is a great addition especially for higher ranked players as they can farm Kuva and Void Traces much easier. The update also reduced crafting cost operator arcane. Players will only need 3 Eidolon Shards instead of 5 when crafting some operator arcane. The Breath of Eidolon's requirements also got changed where players will now need common and uncommon resources. The Void Shadow's Eidolon Shard requirements also got decreased. Using a rare or legendary fish baits will now show the location of the fish. The update also brings a fast travel system in Cetus where players can now instantly teleport in all of the vendors in the area.

Bug fixes and improvements

The latest update also brings several fixes in the game.

First is the fix in the issue where players cannot donate gems and cores to Cetus and Quills. The memory corruption error when using a mining tool also got fixed. The update also brings fixes on some minor issues in the mining system. The update also fixed the hair that is not being covered by paper masks. The hotfix update also fixed some crashing issues in the game.

It also brings some fixes in the focus system. First is the Varazin's Guardian Shell not receiving any bonus stats after being upgraded to 2 levels. The Naramon's Power Spike that affects the sniper combo counter also got fixed. The Unairu's Void Shadow cloaking defensive objectives also got fixed in the update. Aside from the focus system fixes, the hotifx update also brings improvements to the game's UI.

First is the improved text elements in the donation screen. It also brings messages when donating to Syndicates, Cetus, and Quills. The hotfix update also fixed Ivara's Artemis Bow that was continuously shooting horizontally. Gara's Spectronage nullifier also got balanced. The fading issue of Gara's glass armor also got fixed.