Destiny 2 has achieved a strong and positive reception from players. So far, Bungie has provided players with a horde of content that keeps them engaged in the shared multi-shooter title. Recently it has rolled an update to improve the game and fix several issues. However, several hardcore gamers are already looking forward to what more the game developer could offer to them. Their expectations include new opportunities to earn loot along with new content.

Special Quest

A few days ago, Bungie has confirmed that “Destiny 2” will have the first Iron Banner in October.

On the same month, the much-awaited Prestige difficulty of the Leviathan Raid will also be available. While the developer did not provide any specific dates for the upcoming additions to the game, fans are hoping that these will be available sooner. Some fans are now speculating that a Special Quest will arrive in the game on October 7.

According to the prevailing belief within the community, the number seven is always a significant number to the game developer. Bungie uses this number in launching something. A couple of years ago, Bungie sent the players of the first game installment on a quest to collect the Sleeper Stimulant. Because of this, some fans claim that the special quest will also be unlocked in the same date this year in the second game installment.

As to the rewards and the details of the special quest, no information has been revealed. However, fans are looking forward that it will reward the players with unique and useful exotics.

Lo Exotic Weapon

There is no information from the developer about the special quest that fans are looking forward to. However, several fans in the community have their own theories about what the quest will be about.

One of the many theories about the quest is the lo Exotic Weapon. According to this theory, players will be tasked to unlock exotic linear fusion rifle on lo. The quest ends when the player unlocks the Man of War.

Secret Area in 1AU Mission

Another theory that is heavily speculated to arrive on October 7 is dubbed as 1AU mission.

According to this theory, there is a secret area in the game’s story campaign where players can explore and complete a new objective. The area will only unlock on a special day, that is, October 7.

The heavily speculated date is just a few days away, and by then fans will know if indeed Bungie has prepared something special for them. Meanwhile, “Destiny 2” is now playable on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC users will have to wait until October 24 to finally get their hands on the hit multi-shooter title.