HypeTrain Digital released a new update to “The Wild Eight.” It is called the Animal Update 0.7. It brings a new feature where players can tame animals in the wilds, which will be very helpful in surviving even longer. The update also adds a new stamina system, making the game even more realistic. HypeTrain Digital also added new Steam achievements in the update, as well as Steam trading cards. The company also revealed the roadmap for the game until February 2018.

Features in the Animal Update

The 0.7 update allows players to have animal companions.

Players can tame a deer, which can drag sledges that contains the character's items. It will be very useful while scavenging in the wilds. Players can also tame wolves, which defends the character from any other enemies. Wolves are very effective when trying to enter an area filled with dangerous animals. Players should use a specific food or item in order to tame an animal. Every animal also has hunger and health. Due to this, players should always keep an eye on their companions. Aside from the ability to tame animals, the 0.7 update also brings improvement in the game's stamina system. The update also adds a bunch of Steam achievements, giving players more activities and challenges. The update also brings new Steam trading cards, which can be traded or sold in the market.

Roadmap until February 2018

HypeTrain Digital revealed the future updates for the game until February 2018. First in the roadmap is in November 2017, where players will receive an update that includes a new combat system and improvements in the AI enemies. The November update will also bring new animals, as well as improvements in the games UI.

HypeTrain Digital will also add the controller support in the November update. Next is the December 2017 to January 2018 updates, which will bring a new online comic book for the game, as well as new cinematic trailers.

The new customization system was also revealed in the roadmap, which will be released around December 2017 to January 2018.

This will give more option to players that want to customize their favorite character, as “The Wild Eight” is known to have a very small customization options. The February 2018 update includes the complete first story mode of the game, which will definitely give more playing time to players. It will also bring new creatures, as well as new items. The February 2018 update will also bring the Mac and Linux support.