Crossover Games are one of the most popular genres today. Fans really love seeing their favorite characters from different titles on the same game. There are different types of crossover games today. Some of them offer an amazing RPG experience, while others offer an incredible arcade style of gameplay. Here are the top three crossover games that players should not miss.

‘Kingdom Hearts’

“Kingdom Hearts” is one of the most popular crossover games today. It features characters from “Final Fantasy” and Disney. “Kingdom Hearts” is also one of the most surprising video game crossovers ever made as most fans never expected to have Mickey Mouse and Cloud Strife fighting together.

“Kingdom Hearts” is a story-focused game. The title now has tons of sequels. Newcomers in “Kingdom Hearts” will totally enjoy the game's storyline. It is also recommended to play the first version of the game as it will give players the idea on how everything started.


Fans that love “Spyro” and “Crash Bandicoot” should definitely try “Skylanders.” The game puts the classic video game character, “Crash Bandicoot,” to the “Spyro” universe. “Skylanders” offers adventure and arcade style of gameplay. The title also features tons of characters. Due to this, fans won't get bored in the game. In “Skylanders,” players will have to go through different levels with hard puzzles. Players can also expect different types of enemies while playing through the campaign.

Players should also seek for collectibles in each chapter of the game as it will help players to reach a full star achievement for each level. Most of the chapters in the story mode require different elements. Due to this, players will have to choose the character that fits the element required on a certain map.

‘Super Smash Bros.’

Super Smash Bros.” is one of the most played crossover games today. It offers most of the popular Nintendo characters, as well as non-Nintendo characters. “Super Smash Bros.” is an intense fighting game, which features massive combos and deadly finishers. Players can use characters like Mario, Cloud Strife, Mega Man and even Pac-Man.

Each character has its own playstyle that can counter another character's style. It is recommended that players should master each of the characters in the game in order to dominate multiplayer matches. There are also “Super Smash Bros.” tournaments all over the world where professional gamers compete.