"Horizon Zero Dawn" has proven to be one of the standout releases on the PlayStation 4 for this year, clearly showing that Guerrilla Games is capable of a lot more than just the "Killzone" franchise. While most titles release multiple expansions and DLC packs to capitalize on the hype around a product, the developer confirmed that "The Frozen Wilds" will be the first and last expansion published for "Horizon Zero Dawn."

Admittedly, this is rather disappointing, as the open-world game still feels fresh and worth exploring for much longer. There is a good chance a sequel will eventually be made, as the title proved a hit with critics and fans alike, but Aloy's adventure is set to come to a close next month.

"The Frozen Wilds" will be released on November 7 for the PlayStation 4. Its launch price will be $19.99, although PS Plus subscribers can pick it up for $14.99.

The new story

"Horizon Zero Dawn" is packed with unique enemies to fight and characters to interact with. "The Frozen Wilds" brings forth an entirely new area to explore; one littered with fresh machines, settlements, and activities to complete. New weapons and abilities are also included in this expansion.

In terms of story, Guerrilla Games has not revealed too much. All we know is that the expansion is set in a region called The Cut and centers around a mysterious mountain which Aloy has to climb. The cool frozen landscape is also a nice change of pace from the general aesthetic of the base game.

We might not be getting any further expansions for this highly rated open-world action adventure game, but the one being released seems like a worthwhile addition to the story.

A retrospective

It has been a bit more than six months since "Horizon Zero Dawn" was released into the market. While there was a good amount of hype for the title prior to its launch, most were not expecting it to be such a complete experience.

Critics generally loved what Guerrilla Games created, with the title sitting at an impressive aggregate score of 89 on Metacritic.

The gameplay is not necessarily groundbreaking, as it is similar to other open-world action games like "Tomb Raider" or even "Breath of the Wild," but the mysterious story and gorgeous world rarely fail to be engaging.

The voice-acting is great throughout, with Aloy being a genuinely sympathetic and enjoyable protagonist. We cannot wait to get our hands on "The Frozen Wilds," and to see what the developer has planned next.