The biggest expansion for The Sims 4 titled “Cats And Dogs” will finally arrive in less than a month on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS platforms. The highly awaited DLC will include a unique Create-A-Pet feature that fans have not yet seen before in past iteration of the series.

Electronic Arts officially announced the addition of adorable house pets in the popular life simulation series at Gamescom 2017 in August. A few days ago, the studio offered a detailed preview of this game-changing feature included in “Cats and Dogs” Expansion Pack.

New gameplay trailer

The latest video showcased the pet-centric gameplay giving hardcore players of “The Sims 4” a closer look at how the new Create-A-Pet will work in the game. From the looks of it, this tool will allow gamers to create the perfect pet that suits their fancy.

Watch how to go over the process of pet creation in the newest gameplay trailer below.

How it works

Apparently, gamers can personalize their furry companions with a wide selection of dogs and cats’ breed, appearance, behaviors, and even some cool outfits. Players, for example, will not be limited to choices of a traditional palette of a particular breed. They can customize the looks of their pets with rainbow colors if they like to, make them fat, or use make-up to create a unique pet.

The sneak peek also teased Brindleton Bay as the new world in the upcoming big expansion. This new area will give a player’s Sim to be a veterinarian in the new area and operate a veterinary clinic.

Fans are hyped

Most of the fans expressed their elation and raved about what they just saw in the new trailer. They seemed so happy that they can already play the long-awaited Pets DLC soon.

On Twitter, a fan named KilderFae notably commented:

Also, D. Lin thanked the Sims team for the inclusion of pets in the game. The fan said:

While the game is yet to hit the consoles in mid-November, many of the console users also stated their interest in the upcoming pack.

Earlier, a leaked listing by a credible game retailer prematurely revealed the plausible release of "Cats and Dogs" on consoles too. SimGuruDuke said that the team will start working once the PC version is done.

The PC and Mac versions will receive “Cats and Dogs” Expansion Pack on November 10. Also, the game is the first main title in the franchise to see a full release on PS4 and Xbox One on November 17. In a span of three years, Maxis launched expansion packs like “City Living,” “Get Together,” and “Get To Work” in "The Sims 4."