Game developer Bungie announced that the Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan Raid of “Destiny 2” will be launched without the fix that it previously said it was working on. A few days ago, the release of the much-harder version of the Leviathan Raid was postponed because the game developer said it will fix the exploit that players could use to make the raid a little bit easier. However, the game developer has now revealed that it has no way to find a fix for this exploit without breaking a part of the game. Because of this, the Prestige Difficulty will be released as scheduled.

The risk

On their official weekly update page, Bungie revealed that while they have previously postponed the release of the Prestige Difficulty in “Destiny 2” to fix the exploit, the short-term solution contains great risk. The team decided to delay the fix but launch the difficult version of the Leviathan Raid. However, despite not having fixed the exploit, it is worth noting that those who are after the World’s First title for the mode might not want to use the exploit. According to the developer, they would be able to tell if the teams use it.

Other details

The Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan raid will kick off at 10 AM Pacific Time on October 18. Bungie said that in order to restrict players from cheesing the encounter using the exploit, it has made a way to verify that teams are able to finish it without the help of the glitch.

According to the developer, it will take time to verify a clean finish. Moreover, the team believes that on Wednesday, there will be a World’s First winner that will claim the title.

Iron Banner

Meanwhile, the player-versus-player event that was originally released in the first game installment is currently ongoing. Dubbed as Iron Banner, the event offers wolf-themed weapons and armor to players skilled enough to spare time for the event.

There are notable changes that the developer made from its original release. This includes the simplified rewards system.

Player earns rewards by playing the Iron Banner. When the player completes a match, he will Iron Banner Tokens. These tokens can be turned in to the overseer of the event, Lord Saladin. He will give players IB Engrams in exchange for a number of IB Tokens.

These Engrams could contain Iron Banner-themed armors and weapons.

Destiny 2” is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The hit shared multi-shooter title from Bungie will be released on PC on October 24.