Accessing Free Wi-Fi in public places is becoming common. Apart from malls, airports, hotels, cafeterias where the service is usually provided, railway stations and bus stands are also getting technically equipped to provide service to the Internet users.

Before giving you tips and tricks to get free Wi-Fi for maximum hours, always remember that hackers are much more onto things electronic than the average person. They are technically advanced and can easily crack public Wi-Fi network security and steal data. Therefore, I always suggest you never login to bank accounts, personal email id, official id, and never transmit private images through WhatsApp or social media platforms while accessing a public network.

Here’re some processes to find free Wi-Fi wherever you go. If you don’t get it free of cost, don’t hesitate to pay a small amount to the provider.

Download WeFi

WeFi is free software that helps you to connect to the open networks. It also easily connects to the best available Wi-Fi networks around you wherever you go. Its sharing power automatically connects users to free Wi-Fi around your location.

Check your scanner

Your android device will notify you whether your network is secured or not. Go to your Settings option on your device, click Wi-Fi and search for connections. You will get some connections labeled ‘open’ or ‘unsecured,’ then simply connect. Remember, a connection to a secured network needs a password to access.

For example, if you are in a hotel or restaurant, you can politely ask the receptionist for their password. You can visit public places like cafés where their passwords will be shared with you.

Get Wi-Fi through Facebook

You can also use your downloaded Facebook app to find the currently available networks around you. Firstly, open the Facebook app followed by the ‘More’ tab and click ‘Find Wi-Fi’ button.

While doing so, you will get a list of businesses in your area. The apps will also show you their opening and closing timings. Although there are several places with this free service, still many of those are yet to be listed on Facebook’s Find Wi-Fi. However, millions of users are using this feature every day.

The library location

If you are not fortunate enough to have your residence very close to a library, try spending time beside it at least. For the first time, you need to take the password from the office if it is not written up on the wall (which is common at any library). Once you are done, you can sit anywhere inside or outside the library and access it easily.

Free service at big railway stations & bus terminals

The majority of the railway stations have introduced free Wi-Fi facilities and anyone with an android device can access Internet. For the purposes of security, you need to give your mobile number to receive your OTP (one-time password). Even the large bus terminals are gradually installing these facilities for travelers.