The backwards compatibility program on Xbox One has expanded further as three new games have been added. This, of course, comes on the heels of two games in the “Fable” series being added just last week. In other big news, EA is adding two highly anticipated titles in “Mass Effect: Andromeda” and “Dead Space 3” to their Ea Access program.

What are the three new backwards compatible games?

The first new title to join the program is Q Entertainment's “Child of Eden.” This 2011 game blends an on-the-rails shooter and music to create a “multi-sensory shooter” while sending players on a mission to save Project Lumi.

It can be played via Kinect or by using a standard controller. The game was noted for its innovative graphics and music and received praise from reviewers.

The second title is “Goat Simulator" (Xbox 360) which came to the Xbox about one year after it originally released on PC. Now, those who own the 360 version can play it on the Xbox One without having to own the game twice. The open-world game has a simple premise, as the player controls a goat to achieve various in-game goals by earning points or causing destruction.

Finally, there is “KOF Sky Stage” which came out in 2010 as an Xbox Live Arcade game. Players choose from one of six characters from the “King of Fighters” series as they take to the skies to stop the resurrection of Orochi.

The game plays like a vertical danmaku shooting game, with each character having a special move.

'Dead Space' and 'Mass Effect' set to join EA Access

Both “Dead Space 3” and “Mass Effect: Andromeda” will be joining EA Acess at some point between October and December. “Dead Space 3” is now set to join its two predecessors as part of EA's program.

The third game in the third-person shooter/survival horror trilogy came out in February 2013.

It follows Isaac Clarke and John Carver as they try to end the Necromorph threat once and for all. The game was the first in the series to have online co-op. It was praised for its gameplay but criticized for its story and lack of horror that the first two games had.

“Mass Effect: Andromeda” is the fourth game in the acclaimed sci-fi series and a spin-off from the original trilogy. The action-RPG had players take on the role of pathfinder Ryder as they explore the Andromeda galaxy. It ended up receiving mixed reviews from critics due to character animations and technical issues but was praised for its combat and visuals.