The Curse Of Oak Island” Season 5 is still in limbo, as there has been no official word on a renewal, but many are hopeful because the last season’s finale had the highest rating ever recorded for the show. Even the series’ executive producer, Kevin Burns, and the highly-popular Lagina Brothers are open to renewal.

Fans are passionately waiting for the Lagina Brothers (Marty Lagina and Rick Lagina) to give some production updates on “The Curse of Oak Island” Season 5. If the series is not renewed for another season, centuries-old treasure mysteries will go unsolved.

Are Lagina Brothers afraid of death?

There is a belief that someone had cursed the secret treasure location 400 years back. Until now, six people have already died, and fans are linking the tragic moments with the curse. Rumors swirled on the Internet that the Lagina Brothers will not continue for another season. But that’s not true because if they had feared death, they would have never accepted the show and worked for four seasons. It may be true they are currently at the initial stage of production for another season. We will have to wait for some more time to get any updates.

Did a Scottish pirate bury the treasure?

There is a plenty of buzz surrounding the controversial treasure and its exact location.

According to MobiPicker, a quite popular story links the treasure mystery with a Scottish pirate, Captain William Kidd. The tale suggests that he had buried a good amount of treasure somewhere on the island over 400 years back. However, according to some experts, this claim is not true because he didn’t spend much time there to bury treasure as he already left the place at his young age.

But the historical evidence says that one of Captain Kidd’s sailors disclosed that the treasure was buried somewhere on the island.

Season 5 of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ will happen anytime

Despite all cancellation rumors, there is a strong possibility that the fifth season will happen sooner or later. The avid fans believe that the Lagina Brothers will not give up fulfilling the treasure mystery that they had promised in Season 1.

Hence, the chance of its cancellation is not likely.

On the other hand, some recent reports suggest that the Lagina Brothers may opt for the latest advanced technology this time for digging purpose so that they can go deeper to discover the treasure. They can also invite special guests and create new alliances in the upcoming season to take help from those experts.

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