"The Sims 4" players will be pleased to know that the game will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by Nov. 17. Aside from that, "The Sims 4" bundle will also come with three interesting packs which will make gaming even more fun. However, the new "Cat and Dog" expansion will not be part of the bundle.

The bundle will include "The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack," "The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack," and "The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack." These packs will allow players to bring their Sims to the city, make powerful vampires and live a luxurious way of life.

All these will also be available on consoles. The three packs can be bought individually or through the bundle.

What the packs feature

For the "City Living Pack," a Sim can live in an apartment where it can experience city living. There will also be many other exciting activities that they can do while in the city which includes cultural festivals. A Sim can also party with friends and explore a fun-filled nightlife.

Players can also choose to create vampires or turn their Sims into a vampire in the "Vampires Game Pack." This way, they will have the chance to live for eternity and perform supernatural powers. A vampire Sim can choose to live in an eerie destination, the Forgotten Hollow.

The third pack is the "Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack" wherein a Sim will get an elegant new look.

Players will be pleased that their Sim can sport a stunning vintage fashion. A Sim also has its own personal butler and could use a new vanity table.

Other packs

Aside from these packs that come with "The Sims 4" bundle, players can also avail of the "Perfect Patio Stuff Pack" by pre-ordering the "Deluxe Party Edition." This pack provides a new hot tub, a pool-side BBQ setup and a new fashion look.

Sims can dress down and kick back while enjoying a fun outdoor party in the all-new hot tub. This can help a Sim melt away their stress and relax in the sun.

Those who pre-order the "Deluxe Party Edition," which will be available on Nov. 14, will also get up to three days of early access. It also comes with the "Life of the Party Digital Content," "Up All Night Digital Content," and "Awesome Animal Hats Digital Content." Players will be able to give their Sims an awesome party with Flaming Tiki Bars, animal hats, and other adventurous activities.

As for the "Cats and Dogs" expansion, it will be released on Nov. 10. This DLC will allow the Sims to take care of pets with varying traits and behaviors. Sims can also teach their pets tricks and let them play with toys.