Final Fantasy XV released in 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One. Game developer Square Enix announced previously that the game would be ported to PC as well. Android and iOS versions of the game dubbed ‘Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition’ were revealed in August. The studio disclosed at the time that it was working on a multiplayer mode for the game dubbed Comrades. This expansion was slated to release on October 31, but it has now been delayed.

When will Comrades release?

Square Enix announced via its official Twitter account that the Comrades expansion is now delayed and it will release sometime in November instead.

However, the company refrained from mentioning a specific date when the content would arrive. The reasons for the delay were not revealed either, but it is believed that the less-than-ideal beta release in August may be responsible.

For the unfamiliar, the first beta was plagued with server connectivity issues, which did not allow testers to try the content. This led to the studio releasing a second beta, which was designed to fix some of the matchmaking problems present during the first beta.

However, even though players could create their custom characters and get some missions, they were unable to access the lobby where the main content was located.

The tweet from the company announcing the delay claims that developers need to polish the Comrades content further. However, fans of the game will hope that the problems are sorted quickly.

It remains to be seen when the multiplayer mode is released next month.

Information about Comrades

Comrades’ events will take place after the events of the campaign in ‘Final Fantasy XV’. Thus, gamers who are yet to complete the main single player game should stay away from playing the upcoming content, as there may be spoilers there.

Comrades will be the first-ever opportunity for gamers to create their own character from scratch in ‘Final Fantasy XV’.

The main character will be a member of the Kingslaive army and up to four players can team up to take on the quests. Fans can also choose to play as a female character in the Comrades mode. However, all missions will not be multiplayer. Some can be tackled by a single gamer, while others will require the help of teammates. The DLC will be available as free content for the game’s season pass owners. People who do not own the season pass will have to purchase the expansion separately.