Ranging from puzzles, building games, to action games, six new games can now be downloaded from the Nintendo store. Since the Switch is known for its versatility and capability of being both a home console and a handheld gaming device, this can be an opportunity for some of our fellow gamers to explore.

'Lego Worlds'

The game features building structures and other epic creations using Lego blocks in an open world setting which was developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. Now that the game has been ported to Nintendo Switch, players will be able to enjoy building and crafting on the go.

This follows a similar path taken by Mojang when they decided to port "Minecraft", a highly popular and top-grossing building game, to the Android and IOS platforms. In spite similarities, comparisons made by Slant.co indicate that there are more pros in getting "Minecraft" than "Lego Worlds" because of the mechanics and tools available in "Minecraft". However, "Lego Worlds" is recommended for those players who’d like to simply create structures with less effort. Unlike "Minecraft", the game is designed to allow players to build bigger and more complicated creations without factoring time. It should also be appealing especially to those who have tried it on the PS4 or XBOX One version. The game is available for purchase at $29.99.

'Blue’s Journey' and 'Double Dragon 4'

Casual gamers who are simply looking for a way to spend their idle time might be interested in downloading either one or both of the two. "Blue’s Journey" lets the player guide a hero named Blue save the planet of Raguy from the Daruma Empire. "Double Dragon 4" is a sequel to "Double Dragon 2" and sets players on a journey to defeat enemies using attack moves like punching, kicking, and some extra moves like an uppercut.

The games are 2D and are played by navigating through obstacles presented in the game. As the games progress, the more difficult they become. The games are similar to popular entries like "Mario" and the "Mega man" series. Although the gameplay obviously revolves around repetitively mashing buttons, they are a welcome addition to the console that may offer a bit of nostalgia and fun.

"Blue's Journey" is priced at $8 while "Double Dragon 4" is priced at $7.

'The Bridge'

Aside from side-scrolling and button mashing games, a puzzle game has also been added to the Nintendo store. Receiving positive reviews from critics with a score of 72.63 percent on GameRankings and 74/100 on Metacritic, "The Bridge" is a 2D indie puzzle game recommended for those who are interested in solving complex puzzles with design and art similar to "Don’t Starve", "Contrast", and "Escape Plan". The game’s stages are grayscale with hand-drawn illustrations inspired by the artworks of M. C. Escher.

Puzzle games typically take time, effort, and a lot of thinking to finish but may also be rewarding at the end.

The game sets players to make their way from point A to point B while navigating through obstacles and complicated structures in the game. Easy as it may sound, the game doesn’t require players to press several buttons in solving a puzzle or in completing a stage, but instead simply requires players to use cognitive thinking and move around by letting the avatar walk. The game is available for purchase at $10.

Other newly released games

Other titles available for download in the Nintendo Store are: "R.B.I. Baseball 17" ($30), "Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition" ($10), "NeuroVoider" ($14), and "Physical Contact" ($5).