Despite the recent improvements and additional content featured in “Street Fighter V," Capcom continues to feel the impact of the game’s less-than-favorable launch back in 2016. Most fans agree that its bare-bones presentation, features, content, and problematic online matchmaking earned it a negative spot on most gamers’ radars. Additionally, most critics gave the title a thumbs-down due to the aforementioned complaints. Meanwhile, the company confirmed that they will support the brawler with new content until 2020, which seems most likely, as speculation hinted that a new version of the game is in the works.

‘Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’

What added fuel to the fire was a supposedly unintentional listing for “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” discovered online. According to Game Rant, the online storefront of ShopTo, a UK retailer, posted the ad. It immediately caught the attention of fans eager to confirm their suspicions that Capcom had something up their sleeve. Rumors began a few months ago that claimed that the company had a “Super” rework of the game in development. Since Season 2 is underway with one more DLC character to reveal, players believe that a 2018 release date is most likely set.

Suggested features and tweaks

Before it even became a rumor, famous personalities from the fighting game community expressed their opinion that Capcom should tweak the system.

Some suggested that characters should have more than one Critical Art, V-Skill, and V-Trigger, which is a popular mechanic used in “Street Fighter III” and “Street Fighter IV." It obviously adds more layers to each character and makes the game feel fresh.

A mountain of content catches up

The developer managed to make up for the game’s disastrous launch with a bunch of content.

The first and second season saw new characters, costumes, stages, and character balance updates. Others claim that the “Arcade Edition” supports rumors that the latest title from the long-running franchise will see an arcade version in Japan.

Multiple versions expected from the start

Capcom promised that fans will only need to purchase the base game to enjoy continued content support until 2020.

However, given their company’s history of releasing multiple versions of each installment, it’s not a surprise that there might be a “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” soon. Moreover, the new version will still most likely be exclusive to both the PlayStation 4 and PC, which is a big disappointment for Xbox One owners.