Just like the viewers, people behind the hit animated series, “Steven Universe,” are also big fans of the show. They, too, are hooked on its different kind of storyline that tackles various niches, from LGBTQ issues to love, identity and more.

Aside from its much-loved tale, it is also known for its touching soundtracks that listeners can easily relate to. So at the L.A. Times Comic-Con studio, the program’s creator Rebecca Sugar and the voice actors Zach Callison (Steven Universe), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl), and Dietz talked about their tunes' real meaning.

‘It’s Over Isn’t It’ meaning

The group talked about the song “It’s Over Isn’t It,” which was featured in their Emmy-nominated “Steven Universe” musical episode “Mr. Greg.”

Pearl is singing her heart out with this sad but striking song that tells of her longtime, smothering feelings. In the melody, Pearl is said to be discovering something that she just can’t delve into if she talks about it. As a matter of fact, Rebecca Sugar explained that “she literally cannot talk about it.”

“She has no outlet for the way that she’s feeling,” the series creator told L.A. Times. Pearl cannot even understand her sentiments, so she just sings her emotions.

The reason behind the sentimental songs

Just like Pearl, Rebecca Sugar wants to acknowledge and support the unspoken feelings of the people in the real world through “Steven Universe” sentimental songs.

From the animated series’ storyline that involves characters’ bonding to its clear depiction of celebrating queer love, it can be seen that it is based on the real-life experiences of real-life people. The 30-year-old animator revealed that it is a great experience for her to see her characters express their feelings. Although it might sound ridiculous for some, it is of huge importance to her.

In the musical episode “Mr. Greg,” she is proud that she has done something good where Pearl openly expressed her feelings. “I’m a person that for a long time was never able to express those feelings,” she admitted.

A new music video

Cartoon Network has now released the official music video of “Stronger than You” by Estelle, the voice actress behind “Steven Universe” Garnet of the Crystal Gems.

It is a “powerful and emotional song about strength in love,” Bleeding Cool reported. The clip featured one beautiful, fine sunny day full of the animated series’ fans. The tune is also included on the “Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume One,” which is now available on iTunes and Google Play.