Fans are now wondering what is going to happen next in the continuation of Steven UniverseSeason 5. The animated series’ first four episodes left fans on the edge of their seats with a major cliffhanger as Lars get resurrected and Steven left him on the homeworld.

Now, it is a big question what will happen to the Crystal Gems. In an interview with Den of Geek at the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2017, the show’s creator Rebecca Sugar talked about the show’s future and what in store for the much-loved characters.

The fifth season’s spoilers

At “Steven Universe” panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Rebecca Sugar teased that most of the episodes in Season 5’s continuation will feature the fallout from the trial.

Steven and the gang are about to face “huge consequences” and Lars’ return from the dead. The 30-year-old animator also hinted that this season’s remaining chapters will be “a roller coaster that is rocketing forward.”

In the video revealed at the annual event, Connie and Steven were seen traveling through the Lion to get back to Lars. However, they surprisingly saw him controlling a Gem Spaceship in a middle of a battle. Lars was leading the Off Color Gems while proudly wearing a Captain Harlock-inspired outfit.

It is not yet revealed how did Lars manage to take control of the spaceship, but this scene might just indicate how far his character can develop.

The show’s dark side

Moreover, Rebecca Sugar also talked about “Steve Universe” theme, which is quite getting darker as it develops.

At first, the animated series started with a fun and light concept. But as it continues, it is beginning to feature darker and heavier theme. Sugar explained that she is always excited to be more ambitious in regards to the stories that they are telling. “It’s scary to start to explore where hate [sic] comes from in a show about love,” she said.

She admitted that it is a big challenge for them to stay positive while exploring the show’s dark side. However, as everyone has this gray area in their lives, it might not be that bad to explore this realism in the animated series.

The show’s inspirations

Meanwhile, Rebecca Sugar also revealed that “Steven Universe” has a lot of spiritualism in it.

In fact, the show’s staff is all inspired by every voice that is speaking about peace, including Hillel the Elder. She, too, unveiled that her Jewish upbringing also has something to do with the animated series. “I have felt, the feeling of belonging but also not quite belonging, and also just being,” she narrated. So, she has been moved by this “incredible history and wonderful community” that she added in the show.