Game company Bandai Namco recently revealed new information about the characters of their upcoming video gameCode Vein.” The new information gave more details about the characters that were revealed a few weeks ago. It also revealed a new villain for the upcoming video game and his role in the story. It revealed new details about the different weapon types that the main protagonist could wield and also gave details of each weapon type, its strengths, and weaknesses.

Jack and Eva were detailed

The game company revealed more details about Jack Rutherford and Eva Roux.

Jack’s voice actor is Junichi Suwabe and he is the most feared Revenant Hunter. He considers the main protagonist and Eva as close acquaintances.

Saori Hayami is the voice actress for Eva, and she is also a Revenant Hunter. She travels with Jack around the world because he was the savior of her life in the past.

Eva and Jack’s weapons of choice

Eva wields a bayonet and her role in the team is a support character for Jack. She will give any kind of assistance to her savior as a way to repay her debt. Jack, on the other hand, uses a one-hand sword, which is feared by any enemy that he battles.

The main protagonist will be joining the two on several occasions. He/she will support the two, but he/she has doubts about them.

Villain Queen’s Knight gets details and role

Players will be meeting the villain called the Queen’s Knight throughout “Code Vein’s” story. The knight is actually a Lost humanoid that wields a large shield and sword. It is his job to block the main protagonist’s way, and attack him/her mercilessly.

Fighting the Queen’s Knight will be a tough battle due to its difficulty levels.

Players will have to devise different ways in order to find a weakness and defeat it.

Weapon types and details

Players can try out five different weapon types in "Code Vein." These weapon types are the One-Hand Sword, Two-hand Sword, Halbered, Great Hammer, and the Bayonet. The one-hand sword can do fast and precise attacks on enemies, which can be helpful against slower ones.

The problem is its offensive power, which is a bit low.

The two-hand sword is slower than the one-hand version, but it has a longer reach and more offensive power. The players can use the weapon against numerous enemies that are trying to overwhelm them.

The great hammer is very powerful, but it has slow swinging speed. Another problem is its reach, which is really short.

One of the most balanced weapons to use is the halberd due to its long handle. The problem with it is that is has a strong kickback that can hurt players in unexpected situations.

The best weapon to use with good short and long offensive prowess is the bayonet. Players can shoot enemies from a good distance, and they can also slash enemies at close quarters.

Check out the "Code Vein" TGS 2017 Trailer here: