With Halloween just around the corner, “Pokemon Go” players are expecting a new round of bonuses and monsters for the season of the spooks. The event is expected to be fairly similar to last year with most eager to find out if a new crop of pocket monsters will be made available.

As mentioned in a previous post, there is that possibility of players getting the chance to snag some hard-to-find pocket monsters at an easier rate. Aside from that, most are under the impression that some generation 2 pocket monsters will be introduced. If the recent discovery of data miners is any indication, that could possibly happen later this month.

Gender ratios spotted

According to Game Rant, some data miners were able to look into the game’s game_master file and found the existences of gender ratios for gen 3 Pokemon. For the benefit of those who are unaware, the same entry was added by Niantic a day before the release of the gen 2 pocket monsters.

If one follows the trend, there is a chance that the gen 3 pocket monsters could be out as early as this week. There is no official word on that happening so the spotting may have been nothing more than game developers having it on standby and releasing it at the proper time.

Will it happen this Halloween?

To date, most "Pokemon Go" players are still busy with the gen 2 critters. Some may have gotten already a lot by now.

Before suggestions of a gen 3 pocket monster release came out, most were focusing on the Legendaries and how to get one.

The attention is expected to change once Halloween nears. While bonuses and common monsters are expecting, most are keeping their fingers crossed on the potential introduction of gen 3 pocket monsters or even Legendaries.

Keeping the sanity

Unless Niantic makes an official announcement, it would be wise to lower expectations for now. The game file spotting is something to think about but no assurance that new monsters are set to be unleashed.

It could happen by Halloween or maybe even next year. Right now, the only thing certain is that there will be a new breed of pocket monsters coming.

Aside from that, more improvements to the game are likely to be introduced as game developers try their best to come out with something different and new.

For now, the Halloween event should suffice. A new round of goodies and critters should keep most busy and hopefully, game servers are able to handle the heavy traffic likely to spike starting the end of October.