A new leaked image, which seems to confirm the release of the Gen 3 pocket monsters in “Pokemon Go” recently surfaced online. While Niantic Labs has not yet released any statement about the image discovered through the most recent data mining activity, it seems that another image is confirming the previous speculations. Data miners recently discovered a loading screen image containing several Gen 3 species and Dark-type creatures with a spooky theme. Fans speculated that the image simply means that the much-awaited third-generation of creatures will be introduced alongside the Halloween event.

Latest leaked image

The Apple Watch app store unintentionally gave “Pokemon Go” players the first look at a couple of Gen 3 pocket monsters. The leaked image appears to be an ad that surfaced on the Apple Watch Store showing off Duskull and Sableye. Pocket monsters like Misdreavus and Gengar are also shown in the image. The players of the popular augmented reality game cannot help but speculate that this could be the confirmation that the monsters, which first appeared in Sapphire and Ruby game installments are indeed releasing during the Halloween event.

Previous data mine

A few days ago, on the subreddit, The Silph Road, data miners discovered significant finds that could spoil the upcoming event granting that it is accurate.

The image as discussed above appears to be the loading screen of the upcoming Halloween event. The team was also able to uncover a 20MB audio file that many speculate to be the theme song of the event. The audio file contains the song, “Lavender Town.” Interestingly, data miners discovered that this audio file is only available during night time.

Anti-cheating measure

In addition to the image and the sound file, data miners also discovered that Niantic Labs has added a new blacklist tool in the game. This tool could potentially restrict and track down players who are using GPS Spoofing app. Since its official launch last year, the popular augmented reality game has been dealing with different kinds of cheaters.

GPS Spoofing is a method where players can enter the world of pocket monsters even without leaving their homes. This cheat could be used by players in dominating Gyms and destroying the competitive play in the game.

There is also a new feature discovered through APK mining of the game’s latest update that will send notifications to players whose EX Raid invitations are canceled. This is a minor but significant addition since players can plan their activities ahead if they are given the information that the new type of Raid in “Pokemon Go” is canceled.