Niantic Labs added significant changes to “Pokemon Go” that notify players for canceled EX Raid. The game developer announced update 0.79.2 for Android and 1.49.2 for iOS on October 14. In their post, Niantic Labs described that the update contains a variety of fixes and several performance improvements. However, data miners discovered more after data mining the game’s APK. This includes the new blacklist tool that seems to be the developer’s anti-cheat measure to fight GPS Spoofers. The activity also yield finds about the Gen 3 species and the much-awaited Halloween Event.

Notifications for canceled EX Raids

On the subreddit The Silph Road, the team shared their latest finds through their most recent data mining activity based on the APK of “Pokemon Go.” This includes a new notification that informs players if the EX Raid invitations that they received is canceled. Usually, these invitations are canceled when the Gyms where the special raid is scheduled to happen, is pulled out or dropped from the game.

Several days ago, there were reports from a number of players complaining that they have discovered that the EX Raid invitations they received the same day it is scheduled to take place. They only realize that it was canceled when Gyms are gone. This upsets several players who felt they were robbed of their chances to try their skills in fighting and catching Mewtwo.

Players are speculating about the possibility of Niantic labs scrapping the new type of raid. This is because there was no EX Raid field testing taking place for two weeks already. However, this recent addition only proves that the developer is moving on with the raids and has already addressed one of the complaints that players have raised in the past.

The new notification for canceled EX Raids is in a way a courtesy to the players that are also preparing to try out fighting Mewtwo.

Gen 3

In addition to the notification for canceled EX Raids, data miners also discovered an image that appears to confirm the arrival of the Gen 3 species in the game. The image, which appears to be a loading screen shows several Gen 3 monsters and Dark-type creatures standing on top of a hill.

Several players speculate that this could mean that the gen 3 species will be launched alongside the Halloween event.

So far, Niantic Labs has not made any comment about the latest data mining discoveries. Most likely, the highly anticipated Halloween event in “Pokemon Go” will take place at the later part of October.