The Halloween event for "Pokemon Go" is in full swing with most augmented reality gamers frantically hunting down the new critters. Aside from that, most are eager to see the latest Pikachu variant wearing a witch’s hat. Thanks to some reports, it looks like Pichu will also be coming out with a special Witch Hat as well.

Past versions of Pikachu saw party hat and Santa hat versions several months ago. These renditions don’t really offer something special and are merely collectibles to add to a player’s Pokedex. The witch hat edition is expected to be something players can stumble on when they do their explorations.

However, Pichu offers something different.

Collecting 2 KM eggs just got relevant

Under normal circumstances, players could care less if they get 2 KM eggs. These would normally result in less powerful Pokemon, meaning most players would opt to hatch the 5 KM and 10 KM eggs.

That could adversely change this Halloween season. According to, the witch hat Pichu can be added to their inventory by simply hatching those 2 KM eggs. Thus, getting hold of the special variant depends on the eggs a player gets and then walking the extra mile for it to hatch. Similar to other eggs, it becomes a hit-and-miss situation meaning most would be leaving it to chance.

Perfect consolation to "Pokemon Go" hunters

The witch hat Pichu can technically be considered a consolation of sorts. With most "Pokemon Go" players expected to do a lot of walking, hatching those 2 KM eggs should be made easy.

A lot of players are expected to be on the hunt, heading from one place to another in an effort to gain more experience, collect more candy and hopefully stumbling across some of the Gen 3 pocket monsters which Niantic has released in the wild.

With all those in effect, Niantic is making sure that this Halloween event will keep most busy and on the go.

So far, Sableye has been already reported as out in the open. As mentioned in a previous post, there is even a shiny variant of the pocket monster available. Augmented reality gamers know that there are more to expect although the volume of critters available remains unknown.

With plenty of "Pokemon Go" players expected to log in once more, most are hoping for more stable game servers and fewer crashes. Niantic has managed to keep them up and minimize the server hiccups to avoid player backlash. The company is expected to keep tabs once more starting this Halloween with events expected to reel in large volumes of players. Most want to see the new breed of pocket monsters and see if they are either collectibles or Pokemon they can use in gym battles.