Bungie has recently confirmed that the Iron Banner in “Destiny 2” will reward players with weapons. The game developer has made this recent confirmation following the announcement of the arrival of Lord Saladin, who will be the overseer of the Banner in the second game installment. Earlier, the game developer had revealed the start date and the new armor that players will earn in the PvE event.

On their official Twitter account, Bungie confirmed that “Destiny 2” players will also earn weapons in the Iron Banner. The tweet explains that Guardians will earn Tokens by playing the PvE event and the more events the player wins, the more Tokens he will earn.

These Tokens can be redeemed to Lord Saladin, who will exchange them for Iron Banner rewards, which includes armor and weapons. So far, the game developer has not yet revealed what kind of weapons will be given as rewards

Event specifics

The game developer has maintained the same approach it used in Iron Banner during the first game installment. However, it has also made several changes to set it apart from what the players have already known. Now, the combat will be between two teams made up of four players each.

In addition, Bungie has removed the level advantages. This means that the combat will entirely depend on the player’s ability instead of the level they have reached. Moreover, a specific Iron Banner Engram has now replaced the Bounties and Ranks system.

The PvE event will be open to all players who have completed the full campaign. Aside from the rewards mentioned earlier, it will also give daily and seasonal Milestones for committed players. The game developer has also added a shiny armor that players can earn.

Other details

Players can start participating in the Iron Banner starting October 10.

The PvE event will run until October 17. Aside from the Iron Banner, Bungie has also revealed the start date of the Prestige Difficulty of the Leviathan Raid. The game developer announced that it will discuss the concept of Seasons in the second game installment. Fans can learn more details on how the seasonal system works in the game and also about the changes that the developer plans to do in the next season.

Most likely, the start of the game's second season will also be announced soon. This will be streamed as part of the TwitchCon.

Destiny 2“ is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The shared multi-shooter title will be released on PC on October 24.