CCP Games announced that free-to-play users or Alpha Clones in “EVE online” will receive more access to ships and weapons. According to CCP Games' Steven Clark, they want to bring Alpha Clones and Omega Clones a little closer to each other. This will also give Alpha Clones a fair gameplay experience as Omega Clones are known to have the best ships and weapons in the game.

Upcoming new accessibles on Alpha Clones

Alpha Clones will be able to access power tech two on small and medium weapons. The tech two weapons are known to be very useful in the game.

It can fire special ammunitions, which can deal more damage. It will also give free-to-play users more options when entering a battlefield. They will also get access to drive Battlecruisers and Battleships. These ships are amongst the most used ships in the game.

Due to this, Omega Clone can expect more challenge in the game when Alpha Clones gets their hands on the said ships. CCP Games also confirmed that Alpha Clones will be able to choose and train skills related to any empire in the game. It will allow them to access and use several hybrid ships, such as the Machariel Battleship, which requires two empire related skills. The skill points that unsubscribed players can have will also increase to 20 million.

This will definitely give more power to free-to-play users as their current cap for earning skill points are only 5 million. Free-to-play users can also buy skill points with the use of in-game and real currency.

CCP Games also said that once a skill is learned, it will remain unlocked forever. Due to this, free users will no longer need to subscribe once they reach 20 million skill points.

Alpha Clones should use their skill points wisely to fly some of the most powerful ships in the game.

Release date of the improved free-to-play program

According to CCP Games, unsubscribed players will be able to access new ships and weapons in December. The company does not reveal any exact date. However, it is worth the wait as free-to-play users don't need any requirements to receive the update.

CCP Games also announced that “EVE online” will have a mobile game, which is titled “Project Aurora.” It features most of the elements on “EVE online” where players must build powerful fleets and battle with each other. It will also feature trading and ship researching similar to “EVE Online.” “Project Aurora” is announced to be released in 2018.