Data miners recently found interesting details confirming the arrival of the Halloween event in “Pokemon Go.” The event has been recently teased by its game developer Niantic Labs. However, the team did not reveal any detail or confirm if the event is indeed coming to the game. A few days ago, the developer announced that a new update is coming to the popular augmented reality title. However, it only contains several fixes for minor issues in the game. However, its code has useful information that data miners have recently uncovered. This includes a new audio file that will be the theme song of the upcoming event.

Latest data mine

The most recent data mining activity of the APK of “Pokemon Go” reveals a new audio file. This audio file consumes 20MB of storage. According to several players in the community, the sound clip could be the new spooky theme song for the upcoming Halloween event. The new event theme song is reportedly based on the classic “Lavender Town” theme song that was first released in the first few games of the franchise.

According to the latest data mine, the theme song will only play during night time. This is to give players a thrilling feel to those who are playing the popular augmented reality title at night time. So far, it is still vague if this new theme song will be permanently in the game or will be available only during the event.

Halloween event

Aside from the audio file, data miners also uncovered an image, which appears to be a loading screen for the upcoming Halloween event. The image shows several Gen 3 monsters and Dark-type creatures on top of a hill. At the bottom part of the image is a trainer engrossed at his mobile phone and apparently ignoring the creatures on the background.

The trainer appears to be wearing a hat on his head.

According to several fans, the hat could be another in-game accessory that players can wear during the Halloween event. It could be like the Magikarp Hat or the Adventure Cap that were previously introduced in the past events of the popular augmented reality title.

Gen 3

The appearance of several gen three creatures in the recent data mined image appears to confirm the arrival of this new species of monsters along with the Halloween event.

This seems to coincide with the latest statement from Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke who said that new species would soon be introduced in the game. Niantic Labs has not yet provided any details about the heavily speculated Halloween event. “Pokemon Go” players are looking forward to seeing the Gen 3 species in the game soon.