The much-awaited event expected to take place this month in “Pokemon Go” appears to have been confirmed by Pokemon Company International in an article. Since September, fans have been talking about the possibility of a Halloween event in the popular augmented reality title happening again. The game developer Niantic Labs have remained tight-lipped amidst the speculations in the community. In addition, the article also teases about the Gen 3 pocket monsters that were previously found by data miners.

Halloween event

In an article by the Pokemon Company International, it apparently confirmed that “Pokemon Go” is preparing an activity or event in the spookiest time of the year.

The article describes the Halloween season as a special time for the augmented reality game. It goes on saying that aside from the good stuff arriving in the latter part of October, the article mentions about the excitement that the team can scare up while catching pocket monsters. It concludes saying that more details about the Halloween event would be made available soon.

Last year’s event rewards players with twice the usual amount of candies. It also allowed fans to catch Ghost-type of creatures that spawned in increased numbers that lasts for a couple of weeks. The event revitalized and helped stabilize the popular augmented reality title. It also brought players back to the game as well as increased its revenue.

Gen 3

The article mentions about catching new pocket monsters, which could be teasing on the arrival of the Gen 3 creatures in the popular title. Data mining activity in the past reveals 135 third generation pocket monsters found in the APK metadata. This only means that Niantic Labs is developing a new set of species. The Halloween event could be the best venue to introduce Dark-type or Ghost-type creatures in the game.

Other details

Meanwhile, the ongoing event in “Pokemon Go” dubbed as the Equinox will only be available until October 3, 2017. The Legendary Beasts Raikou, Suicune, and Entei are now on their second assigned regions and will rotate for the final time on November 1. The electric-type legendary monster Raikou is now available for players based in Asia and Australia.

On the other hand, players in Africa and Europe can now capture the water-type Legendary Beast Suicune. The fire-type Legendary monster Entei can now be caught in the regions of North America and South America.