Microsoft is no slouch when it comes to sales, as quite a few of their most recent ones have offered some worthwhile bargains. Continuing that trend, this week's edition is full of big-budget AAA titles receiving a decent price cut.

Let us take a quick look at what is included, and whether the price is worth considering.

'Final Fantasy XV' and 'Agents of Mayhem'

"Agents of Mayhem" has only been available for a short while, but due to the lackluster reviews, it is no surprise to see the "Saints Row's" spin-off receive a discount. Reduced by 25 percent, Deep Silver's hero shooter is temporarily priced at $44.99, which is still rather high for what is being offered.

For those looking for something similar to "Crackdown," this might be worth a look.

"Final Fantasy XV" is available for $25, while the "Premium Edition" is reduced to $37.50. Square Enix has been releasing one update after another, so JRPG fans should at least consider this. Be warned, the gameplay is a complete departure from the typical "Final Fantasy," as it is not turn-based. The massive world is gorgeous to explore and the story has been improved upon.

"BioShock: The Collection" is priced at $30, reduced by 50 percent from its original price. While this is a fantastic set of games and well worth the price, we recommend browsing online to see if a cheaper physical version is available. The bundle has received a few decent discounts recently.

"Hitman - The Complete First Season" is also worth noting, priced at $24 during this sale. While the reveal the series was going to be episodic was initially not well received, this latest version ended up being a solid addition to the franchise. The bonus episode released for summer is also discounted and can be picked up for just $4.

Warner Bros. Sale

A slew of Warner Bros. games is also available to buy at a discounted price. "Mad Max" is arguably the best deal on offer, as it is only $5. Offering dozens of hours of gameplay and some of the best vehicle combat ever, it is easily worth that price.

"Injustice 2" is also discounted, although only the "Deluxe" and "Ultimate" versions are included in the sale.

So even with the price cut, they would still set someone back at least $47.99. A good fighting game by all accounts, but whether it is worth paying extra for these special editions is up to the customer.

"Shadow Of Mordor - GOTY Edition" is available for $8, a decent price for a really could action-adventure title. With the sequel set to be released next week, this is a great time to revisit the original.