A new glitch in “Pokemon Go” has been reportedly causing raid bosses to flee from the capture screen. Like any game, despite being so popular, the augmented reality game from Niantic Labs has its own share of game-breaking bugs and exploits. In fact, the developer regularly releases updates to address the bug and exploits that disrupt the game and frustrate the players. Interestingly, a new report claims that there is a new glitch in the game that enables the Raid Boss to escape the capture screen prematurely.

Raid boss glitch

There have been occasional reports from players claiming that raid bosses are observed to leave the capture screen earlier than usual.

Ideally, these raid bosses are not intended to flee after a Raid Battle. They can actually fee if the player runs out Premier Balls to catch them with. The coding of Niantic Labs’ augmented reality title is intended to make it impossible for these bosses to run away.

On YouTube, a user named Said Farhat uploaded a video showing Entei running away after a raid. It appears that the person recording the encounter still have five Premier Balls left. Interestingly, the video reveals the player’s journal indicating that the Legendary Beast Entei has escaped.

A different glitch?

While some fans say that the video is a proof that the raid boss really escaped the game in the middle of the capture, it is possible that it could be a different issue.

If you look closely, the player actually earns 10,110 XP after the Legendary Beast escapes. After successfully completing a raid and capturing a raid boss that is the same amount of XP any player gets.

While it is hard to tell if the pocket monster has really escaped, the game is giving contradicting information. It notes that Entei has escaped, which is supposedly impossible.

However, it gave the player the amount of XP that any player gets after a successful capture.

Niantic Labs has not yet made a statement about this issue. While waiting for the official statement from the game developer, it is best that players should check the inventory of the pocket monsters before jumping into conclusions.

It is possible that it could be another bug, or it could be one of the many glitches in the game that trigger players to have a brief heart attack for no reason.

Meanwhile, the speculation that there will be an EX Raid Battle that will feature the Legendary Bird Ho-Oh in “Pokemon Go” is already debunked by Niantic Labs. The rumor started from the email allegedly sent by Niantic Support in Japan. The game developer recently claims that the email is erroneous and fake.