Gamers who want a fast-paced gameplay on virtual reality will soon get their hands on “Doom VFR”. The game is coming to two of the top virtual reality headsets available in the market – HTC Vive and PlayStation VR – this Dec. 1, 2017. This early, players can secure their copy by pre-ordering the game at Bethesda Store and on Steam.

With DOOM VFR, gamers will play the role of the last Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) survivor after the demonic invasion on Mars. Once the survivor gets killed, its consciousness will attach to an artificial brain matrix within the research facility.

Thus begins a new mission – to battle the demons and monsters inside the complex using the newfound access to powerful guns and other arsenals.

Fast-paced but user-friendly

“I really encourage anybody who wants a fast-paced combat experience to look at ‘DOOM VFR’,” game director Marty Stratton said as posted on the game developer’s official website. “It’s going to be different than a lot of the stuff they play in VR. Everybody at id is just thrilled to be bringing 'DOOM' to VR.”

Developing a fast-paced, first-person shooter video game like “DOOM VFR” is a difficult task taking into consideration the motion sickness the virtual reality console could bring. But Bethesda was able to bring the feel of the original “DOOM” game to VR without the player feeling nausea.

According to Christian Vaz of tech website, the game developer was able to retain the fast-paced kind of gameplay on “Doom VFR”.

Testing the game using HTC Vive, Vaz revealed that the left Vive controller is used for teleportation – the standard norm of moving around in virtual reality. The trackpad can also be used to move around but teleportation slows down time, giving enough time for players to think about their next move.

The right controller is used to control and switch between weapons.

In-game changes

As posted by Metro UK, while a lot of movements are needed in “DOOM VFR”, the teleport system helps reduce the risk of motion sickness, especially on HTC Vive. To help understand, players can turn 360° by moving; PlayStation VR uses a joystick or button to turn.

The Glory Kill mechanic in “DOOM”, which requires a player to attack and get up-close to kill glowing enemies, also got a minor modification. In “DOOM VFR”, players must teleport within striking distance to kill these glowing enemies.

The full version of “DOOM” won’t become available on virtual reality unlike the two other upcoming Bethesda VR games, Skyrim VR or Fallout 4 VR. This is the reason why “DOOM VFR” is offered for only $30 on Steam and PlayStation Store. "DOOM VFR" is also expected to arrive on Nintendo Switch before the year ends.