After confirming the coming of Gen 3 pocket monsters for "Pokemon Go," at least one has already come out - Sableye. However, it gets better with reports that a shiny variant of the latest added pocket monster has been spotted.

Gamers who are already on the prowl for the latest critters available took to social media to confirm the existence of the shiny variant of Sableye. As described by Game Rant, the critter features a body color that changes from deep purple to dazzling gold. Aside from that, the eye color changes from pale blue to light yellow while the red gemstone is rendered to bright green.

Will it be available for a limited time?

As mentioned in a previous post, the coming of Gen 3 Pokemon is one of the highlights of this year’s Halloween event. That began yesterday (Oct. 20) and is expected to last until Nov. 2. They are expected to be up for roughly more than a week, meaning a lot of "Pokemon Go" gamers are going to be busy hunting these new pocket monsters.

With the confirmation of Sableye, most are awaiting the appearance of other monsters possibly coming in the wild. Just on the first day, more are expected by augmented reality players.

There is no official word on how many new critters will be introduced. The fact that Niantic broadly announced the coming of Gen 3 pocket monsters hints that there is supposedly more to come.

With the Halloween event running for a limited time, "Pokemon Go" players are expected to scamper and hopefully capture one to add to their Pokedex. Looking ahead, some are however pondering if Sableye and other Gen 3 Pokemon will still be around on Nov. 2.

More Gen 3 critters this Christmas?

There is no telling on who will join Sableye as the new monsters on the block for “Pokemon Go.” Some insinuate that it may be the lone offering, though it would be best to broaden expectations by a critter or two.

The Halloween event is not merely about adding new faces to add to one’s Pokedex. There are bonuses and other goodies to expect. Also, it would be best to note that additional Gen 3 Pokemon are set to be released in December. Apparently, these will be part of the Christmas event similar to last year.

For now, the shiny Sableye is what most augmented reality players want to get hold of.

It should fit in nicely with other shiny variants that gamers have gotten in the past (i.e. shiny Pikachu and shiny Magikarp). Shiny Legendaries were also previously spotted by data miners, though capturing those critters are expected to be a whole lot harder than the common ones.