Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” game developer Bluehole revealed that they will not make a sequel to their highly successful video game. Brendan Greene (Playeruknown) has confirmed this in an exclusive interview with IGN in the Omen Challenge tournament held on Oct. 22.

The game developers also revealed that they will be testing a new feature in the Blue Zone. It will deal more damage to players caught in it. Hopefully, it will make players focus on the combat area only.

No sequel in the next five years

Greene told IGN that in the next five years of “PUBG” that there will be no sequel made.

He revealed that players will expect the games-a-service model from the developers. This means that they will be updating and refreshing the video game with numerous patches along the way.

The development team simply wanted to polish and refine their video game for fans, but do not have plans for a sequel yet. They want to add more maps, more assets, optimize it, and refine the gameplay as they go on.

Xbox One to have physical copies

Greene made it clear that the “PUBG” video game will have a physical and digital copy on the Xbox One. Players will have the option of getting their game on disc if they want at a physical retailer like GameStop. He was excited to see that it will have a physical copy on the Xbox One console which will be launched later this year.

Blue zone to have higher damage

In other “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” related news, Blue Hole revealed that they will be increasing the damage of the blue zone soon. They are trying to force the fans to focus on the combat inside the play area instead of running around inside the forbidden area.

Test servers will first get the changes early next week to get some feedback from the testers.

The developers assured that this new update will allow players to focus more on the immediate, close-ranged combat inside of the play zone. They will not have to deal with the enemies outside of it, which a lot of other players tend to stray to by mid to later parts of the game.

New vaulting and climbing features next month

Players will also get to try out new mechanics in early November.

The development team of “PUBG” revealed that they will be introducing the new vaulting and climbing features next month on the test servers.

All of the new features will be introduced on live servers when the full game gets launched. Its final version is scheduled for release before the end of the year.

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