Game company CAPCOM has recently introduced new DLC costumes for their video game “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.” Each costume pack also has their own new trailers showing off all of the costumes for each character in the roster.

CAPCOM’s popular classic horror video game “Resident Evil 2” gets its own board game. Its Kickstarter campaign got funded over $1 million that it broke the crowdfunding site after revealing it to the world. It has also met all of its stretch goals in the process.

World Warriors Costume Pack details

The World Warriors Costume Pack for the fighting video game consists of six costumes for characters that are regarded as warriors.

The first three costumes are Hulk’s Joe Fixit costume, Captain America’s the Gladiator costume, and Captain Marvel’s Warbird costume. The next three costumes are Chris’ Classic costume, Ryu’s the Wanderer costume, and Chun Li’s Casual look.

Mystic Masters Costume Pack information

Six characters from the mystical realm get the Mystic Masters Costume Pack for “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.” The first three costumes are Doctor Strange’s the Illuminati costume, Ghost Rider’s the Outlaw costume, and the evil Dormammu’s Molten look. The next three costumes are Firebrand’s Ultimate look, Morrigan’s Night Warrior costume, and a Tyrant version of Nemesis.

Avenging Army Costume Pack

The last six costumes are for several characters that have alternate versions in other games and comics.

The first three costumes are Dante’s Nephilim costume from “DMC,” Arthur’s the Fallen Angel Armor costume, and Spencer’s the Gottfried costume. The next three costumes are the Ultimate Thor costume, Ultimate Hawkeye costume, and Superior Iron Man version.

‘Resident Evil 2’ The Board Game gets funded for over $1 million

In other “CAPCOM” related news, Steamforged Games has announced that their board game version of “Resident Evil 2” was funded by over $1 million.

This happened in less than 60 minutes after it was made public for fans to fund it on their Kickstarter campaign page. It even broke the crowdfunding site in the process due to the numerous donations.

The board game creators also announced that the Kickstarter campaign has ended just recently. Due to the enormous amount of donations, they have met up all of the game’s stretch goals in the process.

Original asking price revealed

The awesome board game was supposed to have an asking price of $203,000 as its base funding. After the campaign finished, the creators revealed that they got $1,050,000. This was enough to complete each of its stretch goals, which were 34 in total.

Check out the "Resident Evil 2" The Board Game Kickstarter Launch Playthrough here: