Overwatch” continues to grow, yet it seems like players are slowly losing interest in the game. There are currently 35 million players right now; however, some of these accounts might have come from the free weekend and other smurf accounts. The phrase “Overwatch is dying,” is becoming a bit more common, although it isn’t all that true. Nonetheless, here are some ways Blizzard can continue supporting the game and win players over.

Add more heroes

Playable heroes are some of the most vital features in “Overwatch.” These characters are basically the lifeblood that supports the title by providing unique and fun playstyles.

Over the past year, we have only gotten four new heroes and a handful of maps. Compared to other games, this is a tiny number. While it’s true Blizzard has to put in more effort compared to other games, there’s no denying that the game can get a bit dull after a few weeks.

They usually release a new hero every three to four months, and BlizzCon is just right around the corner. That said, hopefully, Blizzard will finally have some new content in store in the coming weeks. Nonetheless, one sure way to keep players coming back to the game is by adding more playable characters with unique playstyles.

Less readjusting

In line with the previous point, Blizzard loves to continuously shuffle the meta to create an “illusion” of adding new heroes.

There’s no denying that fans love to follow the meta and will only use the most powerful and effective heroes during a certain season. To compensate for the lack of new content, Blizzard shuffles around heroes to put them in the meta. These changes often confuse newcomers and returning players, as evident by the Mercy rework.

Blizzard should slow down when it comes to changing the meta and provide new content instead.

Add another support hero

The Mercy rework is one of the most controversial issues in the game. The situation has pit casual, and pro players against each other and is tearing the game apart right now. The problem is similar to the Reinhardt problem a few seasons ago, and they were able to fix this by adding Orisa and buffing Winston.

In that case, Blizzard needs to add a new Support hero and possibly buff Ana again. The healing sniper has seen better days in the meta, and hopefully, Blizzard can make her viable again. Let's hope that Blizzard has a few solutions to the game this coming BlizzCon 2017. Those who want to play “Overwatch” can get a copy for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.