Paris Games Week kicked off this morning with a live show from PlayStation showing some new games and some new trailers for some first-party games. They had a pre-show that mainly focused on smaller games. It was hosted by some of the PlayStation Access crew, which was a nice surprise because they have a great YouTube channel focusing on PlayStation. The overall show was fine and it was nice to see some new games and see what some developers have been up to, but the whole thing felt like it didn't really need to happen. Seeing new trailers for big AAA games is always cool, but the show was mainly just new trailers for already announced games.

New games announced

The pre-show started off showing a trailer for "Guacamelee 2." The first game came out in 2013 and was a pretty big hit for DrinkBox Studios. A sequel has been rumored for a while now, so it was nice to see it finally get announced. "The Hong Kong Massacre," developed by a two-person studio called Vreski, was also announced. It's a top-down action game that looks like "Max Payne" and "Hotline Miami" mixed together. "Concrete Genie," developed by PixelOp, was also announced. It's a third-person game about a kid who is bullied and he draws art that can be brought to life. It had a ton of options for things to be brought to life and seemed like a simple system to do so. The big game that was announced was "Ghost of Tsushima," developed by Sucker Punch.

SP developed the "Infamous" games and seeing their take on open-world Japan should be awesome!

New trailers

Outside of announcing a few new games Sony dropped a slew of new trailers for some of their big first-party games:

  • "Spider-Man"- The trailer gave an idea about what to expect from the story and focused a good bit on the villain. No Release Date.
  • "Detriot: Becoming Human" - It was another scene with the android Kara and showed how choices can change the outcome to situations. No release date.
  • "God of War" - This was a very short trailer but shows a few moments of combat and looked like more of the same from the other trailers. Still no release date for this outside of early 2018.
  • "Shadow of the Colossus" - This showed one of the colossus fights and the detail they have gone into with this remake is astonishing! It looks visually amazing! No release date.
  • "Moster Hunter Universe" - This was another short tailer but they did reveal that you will be able to play as Aloy from "Horizon Zero Dawn" in it. No release date.
  • "Destiny 2" - This was totally focused on the first expansion "Curse of Osiris" where you will meet the "most notorious guardian in Vanguard history" and go to Mercury to track him down. It was given a release date of December 5th.
  • "Horizon Zero Dawn" - This was focused on the "The Frozen Wilds" dlc that will be released on November 7th.
  • "The Last of Us Part 2" - This was the most intense trailer of the show. It showed a group of people capturing and killing before being interrupted by another group putting a stop to them. It had some brutal violence and looks amazing! Joel or Ellie were not in it though so that may indicate that the game will have multiple playable chapters. No release date was given.

The show was fun, but outside of a few things it was mainly just stuff they had already shown.

They did push the PS4 Pro and 4K, but that's not surprising. They showed they still have the best exclusive games going into 2018 and they didn't even show "Days Gone," which is another big one coming out in early 2018. If you're into games then you really need to own a PS4!