“Pokemon Sun And Moon” is the latest entry in the titular series set in a new region called Alola. The developers made some drastic changes to the series as there are no Gyms in the game. Instead, players will have to partake in Island Challenges before taking on the Elite Four and Pokemon Champion. While “Sun and Moon” launched late last year, Nintendo is still supporting the game with additional Pokemon.

Get a Charizard

According to Heavy.com, a new “Pokemon” promotion will let players obtain a Charizard in their game from participating Target stores.

Head over to the Electronics department and ask for a card that has a code for the monster. This Charizard is at Level 50 and comes with a held item and its own set of moves. Aside from its Blaze ability, it’s holding a Red Card and knows the moves Flare Blitz, Fly, Earthquake, and Dragon Dance.

Once you have the card, you get a Mystery Gift. Select the option on the game’s menu and choose “Recieve Gift.” Select “Get with Code/Password” then insert the code from the card. From there, open your saved file and approach the delivery person found in any Pokemon Center to obtain your Charizard. These codes will probably be available only as long as supplies last, so you have to hurry if you want the Fire-type Pokemon.

Special Pikachus

On a different note, the “Pokemon” developers are also holding another promotion featuring special Pikachus. In line with the new “Pokemon: I Choose You” 20th-anniversary anime film, fans can use the “PIKACHU20” code to obtain a free Pikachu with a special Ash cap. While each week features Pikachu with a different hat, you can only use the code for one.

The promo started back on September 19 and kicked off with the electric mouse wearing Ash’s original cap. If you use the code now, you can obtain a Pikachu wearing the Hoenn cap. If you save the “PIKACHU20” code for next week, you can get the Sinnoh Cap. Each Pikachu will hold a Pikashunium Z-Crystal which unlocks their special Z-Move, 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt.

Take note that the monster needs to learn the original Thunderbolt first before it can use the Z-Move.

That aside, “Sun and Moon” will be getting another version later this year. “Ultra Sun and Moon” will feature a completely different storyline that fleshes out the Alola region. Aside from the original cast, there also seem to be some new characters in the game. This version is slated to release November 17 for the Nintendo 3DS.