The latest updates for "Overwatch" will have Blizzard Entertainment extend the player's suspension for toxic behavior and early access to the "Junkertown" map on the PC version.

Prolonged suspension

Game director Jeff Kaplan announced their plans to ban players in "Overwatch" as Blizzard Entertainment will increase the length of the suspension for players who are exhibiting toxic behavior during online matches. The developers have been testing a new email notification system for players to know what violations they have committed within the game.

The new system will allow Blizzard to completely ban repeated competitive offenders in "Competitive Play" matches.

This means that if a player has been banned for more than ten sessions, the developers will no longer allow that person to play competitively again.

The game publisher will be more aggressive against players who throw away matches in "Competitive Play" Season 6. A new system will ensure the player is accurate as they will check their performance in a match against a minimum of their tier. If the player performs poorly after five consecutive matches, they will get a demotion.

There are also changes in the Skill Rating for each character as Blizzard address, the anomalies for each hero with lower win-rates for better character usage.

"Junkertown" early access

It seems that PC users will now have a chance to play the new "Overwatch" map, "Junkertown" in the game's PTR servers.

The new map debut in Gamescom 2017 and will have players deliver a payload full of gold from the entrance of the city all the way to the Junker Queen's throne room.

The map was also featured in a new animated short film starring Junkrat and Roadhog. While the developers have not yet announced an official release date of the map for the consoles, PC players will have the chance to explore the whole map for potential ambush spots and headshot kills.

Blizzard is also planning some major changes for Mercy, D.Va, and Doomfist in the game. Doomfist will have his Rocket Attack tweaked to better aim and control at the expense of inflicting major damage. D.Va will have a new move called "Micro Missiles" that allows her to a long salvo of missiles that explode upon impact. D.Va can use the new move while firing her fusion cannons.

Mercy's "Resurrect" Ultimate move will be replaced by a new one called "Valkyrie" that will increase her "Guardian Angel" ability and healing/damage beams. The new ultimate will also allow her to chain multiple characters in her beam and increase the speed and damage of her gun.