The “Overwatch” Halloween Terror 2017 event is still ongoing, giving players the chance to collect all of the new skins. Aside from the cosmetics, fans can also take part in the returning seasonal brawl: 'Junkenstein’s Revenge.' Here, a group of four players will have to defeat hoards of zomnics and boss characters while preventing the Eichenwalde Castle gate from being destroyed. That said, here are a few tips to help you in the “Overwatch” brawl.

Proper team composition

According to Twinfinite, Team Composition still plays an important factor in 'Junkenstein’s Revenge.' While the normal mode has a full set of heroes, the endless brawl lets you choose one out of eight heroes.

You should balance out your team by making sure you have a healer and some stable damage dealers. While you might not have any tanks, support characters can compensate for the damage by healing allies. Similarly, Soldier: 76 can heal while providing some damage. Take the time to mix and match your team composition before the fight to create a balanced squad.

Stay by the gate

While it might be tempting to spread across the map, your top priority should be standing by the gate. During latter waves, more zomnics will clump by the door and explode, trying to tear it down. Have at least two or three characters near the door to take out any exploding zomnics in the area. Similarly, you should also prioritize taking out zomnics instead of bosses.

Boss characters cannot damage the gate, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking through your defenses. Protect Eichenwalde Castle at all times and your team should be able to last much longer in the fight.

Turret position

If you’re playing the endless brawl, Torbjorn is a must-pick hero because of his turret. With him around, you essentially have five characters on the field.

However, you have to make sure your turret is in a good position and can take down enemies. You shouldn’t be placing it behind walls or the edges of the map. Incidentally, make sure it isn’t too close to enemy lines so that it won’t get destroyed easily.

Take down RIP tires

Occasionally, Junkenstein will send out RIP tires that can damage the gate.

These fast bombs take a good chunk from your defenses, so you have to prioritize on destroying these projectiles first. Thankfully, characters will call out where the RIP tires will be coming from. If you’re playing as an Offense hero, make sure to destroy them first before anything else.