BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle” is a fighting crossover game that brings together several iconic heroes from different franchises. Notable heroes are Ragna from “BlazBlue,” Yu Narukami and Yosuke Hanamura from “Persona 4,” and Ruby Rose from “RWBY.” Arc System Works still seems to have a long list of other characters to include, and they’ve just released a new trailer showing off three more fighters.

Expanding the roster

According to PlayStation LifeStyle, the “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle” developers just released a flashy new trailer showing off some cool new characters.

Firstly, Rachel and Hazama from “BlazBlue” will be joining the roster as playable characters. The former is a child-like vampire who wields an assortment of lightning-based and projectile attacks. Meanwhile, Hazama is another powerful character from the “BlazBlue” universe who fights with brutal techniques.

The game will also be adding Weiss Schnee from the “RWBY” animated series. Like her powers on the web show, this heiress wields her blade, the Myrtenaster, along with Dust. She seems to be a speedy character who can teleport around the field and fool opponents. Those who want to try “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle” can head over to RTX London later this month. The event will include a demo build of the game.


Aside from the new characters, Arc System Works has also shared the platforms for the upcoming fighter game. Dual Shockers has revealed that the game is coming to the PlayStation 4, PC (via Steam), and the Nintendo Switch next year.However, the game still lacks an official release date, so fans will have to keep waiting for now.

While we still know very little about the crossover fighting title, it will be a traditional fighting game with possible “BlazBlue” controls. That said, this will be the first “BB” game with 2v2 battles. It seems like players will have the chance to switch between their fighters to create some interesting combos. There also seems to be a new Cross Guage in the HUD which dictates when characters can use tag moves.

The game also takes a few tips from “Persona 4 Arena” with the “smart combo” system. Players can continuously tap one button to create a string of combos, making this a perfect game fighting game for beginners. In spite of this, these “smart combos” are usually the same string of moves, meaning there’s little variety behind each attack. Finally, there’s also a “Reject Guard” and “Cross Combo” feature that allows your partner to attack your opponent.