The “Overwatch” horde Mode puts an interesting twist on the Junkenstein’s Revenge seasonal brawl. Aside from dealing with the initial wave of enemies, there will be countless bonus waves with rising difficulty. Luckily, some new characters join the fight, making things a little bit easier. That said, shares some tips to help you survive horde mode in “Overwatch.”

Pick Zenyatta

With the addition of Zenyatta, there are now two healers in the game. While Ana is still a good choice, Zenyatta can heal anyone without having to focus on them. He can heal the Genjis who like to roam around the battlefield or the McCree who’s perched on the ledge.

Not to mention that Zenyatta is also a solid fighter who can wreck zomnics with his orbs. His Orb of Discord also grants a damage debuff to the affected target, making it a bit easier to take down boss characters.

Torbjorn is a solid pick

Torbjorn is also a great character to pick in any PvE mode because of his turret.When you have a Torbjorn on your team, you essentially have five heroes. His turret can auto-aim Junkrat’s tire and annoying enemies while you go around shooting zomnics. Once you collect enough scraps, you can even support your team by giving them armor. Judging by this, it seems like Torbjorn is a must-pick during hoard mode.

Use your ultimate ability

Since there are many enemies on the field, you should be able to charge your ultimate ability fairly quickly.

That said, you should make sure you’re using it often to make the most out of your skills. Don’t be afraid to use Molton Core or Tactical Visor if there are too many enemies on the field. Alternatively, you should use Infrasight to give you and your allies a tactical edge. Just make sure you use your ultimate ability in the proper situation and not when no enemies are on the field.

Focus on one boss at a time

During bonus waves, multiple boss characters will spawn at once. Don’t be shocked when you see Reapers running around the battlefield. That said, you and your team should focus your attacks on one enemy at a time. Spreading your attacks will only prolong the battle, so just work together to take them out faster.

Take down the Witch

Th Witch, Mercy, will appear late in the match and will not fight back. Instead, she’ll run around the field and focus on healing her allies. Just like in every “Overwatch” game, you should focus on taking down the healer first. It’s difficult to take down Junkenstein’s Monster when she’s healing him. Take down the Mercy before focusing on any other bosses.