USA Network discovered gold when they decided to sanction “Mr. Robot” in a fully-fledged drama series. The TV show was an instant hit among fans, as it managed to win both Golden Globe Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards last year. The show’s third season is set to premiere this month and it has already been nominated for 2017 Golden Globe Awards. According to a report by Den Of Geek, “Mr. Robot” season 3 is set to premiere on October 11 on USA Network. This season consists of 10 episodes.

The latest trailer

A report by Den of Geek states that the latest trailer and key part of the third season have been published online.

Thanks to the trailer, additional information about the next installment is now available to the fans. In the clip, Elliot can be seen having a difficult time dealing with his multiple personalities. The character has reached his boiling point. “Phase 2” is nearing its deadline. The “Dark Army” and FBI are involved in the entire procedure. This has only made things more complicated. The trailer was accompanied by key art for “Mr. Robot” Season 3.

Images of 'Mr. Robot' Season 3

The pictures were published by Entertainment Weekly first. The first image showcases Elliot Anderson in his usual essence. The background of the picture is a room consisting of computers. This picture is being treated as a confirmation about Elliot’s revival in the third season.

In the “Mr. Robot” Season 2 finale, MIA Tyrell Wellick (played by actor Martin Wallstrom) had shot Elliot. This led to the emergence of Elliot’s alter ego, Mr. Robot (Christain Slater). Sam Esmail, in an interview, suggested that the Season 2 finale was never meant to be a cliffhanger. According to him, they respect the audience too much to leave that portion as a cliffhanger.

The writer went on to explain that the central theme of “Mr. Robot” Season 3 is “disintegration.” The viewers will witness Elliot attempting to fight back against people who have been using him. He is not going to sit back and suffer anymore, Esmail said. According to a report by Deadline, actor Rizwan Manji will be reprising his role in the upcoming season.

He will be seen playing the role of Dominique DiPerro, who is Grace Gummer’s FBI partner. Manji will be joined by Bobby Cannavale who is set to play Irving – a car salesman with a great mission. There are going to be many new faces that the fans will get to see in the upcoming “Mr. Robot” Season 3.

An interview with the star was also recently conducted by Stephen Colbert.